Greater San Diego Science and Engineering Fair - 2016

Runner-Up Sweepstakes

We received a first-place ribbon and runner-up sweepstakes at GSDSEF 2016, placing us amongst the top ten competitors in the San Diego region.

American Chemical Society

We won recognition and $400 from the American Chemical Society.

California State Science Fair - 2016

Chandi Kar

We were chosen to receive the Chandi Kar Merit Grant. This $1,000 college grant is usually given to seniors, making us the first juniors in history to be chosen for this award!

California State Science Fair

We received 2nd place in our category - Biochemistry and Molecular Biology - consisting of 44 participants, and $250.

UCLA Biomed Sciences
Special Award

We received the UCLA Biomed Sciences special award, which presented us with $1,250. We were one of three people to receive a special award at the state fair.

American Association of Clincal Chemistry

We received recognition from the American Association of Clinical Chemistry. This came with a monetary sponsorship of $250.