Community Service

Project Connect

Project Connect is a nonprofit organization that we have founded. This organization aims to teach seniors how to use technology in order to minimize the digital divide between older and younger generations. We teach senior citizens how to use applications such as Gmail, Youtube, and Skype. This organization has had the privilege of expanding state-wide! We now have three different branches throughout California.

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The Fight Against Malaria

The Fight Against Malaria is a non-profit organization founded by Aniruddh Malandalapu. This organization raises money to buy bed nets for people living in malria-stricken areas. It is now officially partnered with Nothing but Nets, an organization that sends the bed nets to countries around the world. We represent the San Diego chapter of this organization. So far, we have managed to raise over $3,000 and are close to achieving our $5,000 goal.

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As a result of our success at the local and state science fairs, we have been asked to mentor an eighth grader living in LA (who prefers not to be named). We have helped him develop his own science fair project. which he recently submitted to the Broadcom MASTERS competition for middle schoolers. Through monthly Skype calls and weekly emails, we eagerly share our knowledge with him and his father. We hope to continue this until he graduates from college and are looking to expand this activity.